"Think7's holistic approach to business issues, the deep understanding of our company and industry as well as their customer focused thinking helped us to create a meaningful, high-value trade strategy together. They contributed significantly to keep our market leader position and maintain our competitive advantage in a turbulent hence very challenging market environment."
Dr. Kisbenedek Eszter | Previously Trade Marketing Leader, Sanofi | Currently International Biotechnology Business Effectiveness Manager, Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC

Our method is cooperation

In all cases the project commences with an analysis of the affected market, based on the material provided by the client and/or on own sources.

An integral component of our consulting approach is the use of workshops, where in a moderated way we identify the main lines of the strategy together with our client’s colleagues affected by particular problematic issues.

Afterwards our consulting team sets out the details of the directions that we developed together, and incorporates their professional knowledge, experiences and information of the relevant sector. We then finalize the strategy together with the colleagues involved.

On one hand this approach makes it possible, ensures that all the needs and expectations of all colleagues are kept in focus, and on the other that we adjust the whole strategy building process to the specialties of the organization and corporate culture. As a result by the end of the process we create a strategy that all members feel they own and therefore are able to use effectively.

Besides the workshop methodology, which we believe is the most efficient tool, we also execute the strategy building process as individual classic consultants adjusted to the client’s needs and we present and finalize only the results with our clients in some cases.

Upon required we guide the strategy development process as mentors, using our professional knowledge and experience. If there is a need or we believe it is beneficial, we can also assist in the execution of strategies with professional training The customized, project and client specific professional content of this training help the colleagues in the smooth execution of the strategies devised.