"The results from the high quality of their work remained long after the price had been forgotten."
László Szivi | Strategic Business Development Director | Lapker Zrt.

Our services

Classic marketing consulting

  1. Brand strategy consultancy:
    • Brand audit
    • Brand lifecycle and strategy planning
  2. Research consulting and services
    • Qualitative research planning and execution (focus groups, personal in-depth interviews)
  3. Marketing supplier evaluation and optimisation, cost efficiency calculations
  4. Creation of Marketing and P&L plans
  5. 4/7P based marketing strategies/consulting
    • Launch strategies
    • Expansion and extension strategies
    • Product portfolio rationalisation and strategy
    • Pricing analyses and strategies
    • Communication, media, PR strategies
  6. Market and market potential analyses for marketing strategy planning
    • Market size and market potential analyses
    • Analyses of market affecting trends
    • International and local benchmark studies
    • Consumer/target group analyses
    • Corporate performance management (setup of KPI-s and measurement and indicator systems)
  7. Sales strategy planning
    • Sales development and customer care
    • Sales channel planning and optimisation
    • Sales organization review and development

Sector and channel specific consulting

  • Digital marketing consulting services
  • Hospitality marketing strategy services

Professional training

Our professional training are at our clients’ disposal both combined with each other, individually or as single modules – specified by clients’ needs. Naturally we are able to plan and execute absolutely personalised training as well.

We offer our services in 2 main areas:

  1. Assessment Trainings (Marketing Development Center)
    • For hiring new employees
    • For internal selections
    • For mapping training needs
    • For measuring professional qualities of employees
  2. Professional development trainings
    • For new colleagues
    • For complement the professional deficiencies of employees
    • "Power up" before nominations

1. Assessment trainings (Marketing Development Center)

One version of the Assessment Center, the so-called "Development Center" is one cost efficient method of this, which helps the manager to get guidelines with professional interviews and psychological tests.

The method examines the knowledge of a professional by not only professional tasks, but puts thinking structures and manners, as well as emotional intelligence and general problem and conflict solving capabilities to the test.

Marketing Development Centre (hereafter: MDC) is one tool specially for assessing professional qualities of marketing experts, that examines knowledge by complex tasks in the following areas:

  • Data collection and analysis
  • Strategic thinking
  • Logical thinking
  • Planning and preparation
  • Time and task management
  • Professional academic and practical level of knowledge in the following areas:
    • Basics of business thinking
    • Marketing base knowledge
    • Research base knowledge
    • Communication base knowledge
    • PR base knowledge
    • Media base knowledge
  • Ability to cooperate, treatment of social situations
  • Communications and problem solving abilities and capabilities.

2. Professional Development Trainings

Partial lack of knowledge makes many professionals insecure before important decisions and can block the execution of the marketing strategy. Who would not hesitate after a perfectly made and fluffy media presentation or an argumentation on research methodology? Our trainings will clear the technical jargons for participants, and will help to understand the facts behind the scenes, which can diminish the feeling of insecurity and promote self-confidence.

The better the expert knows the sub areas of the marketing activity, the more efficiently he can represent the interests of his company through negotiations with the suppliers. We always set up the content of professional trainings in accordance with the client’s needs. We pass not only knowledge and approach, but we interact, we discuss the daily problems and professional experience of all participants. We find it fairly important to benefit from the team building and communication improving effect of such training situations.